About Me

Talking about my self? Well, well! Let me do that in 3rd person. Let me give it a try!

Krish Iyengar is a young boy born in Singapore and is now living in Bangalore, India.

Aged about 10, he loves rattling out the random bits of General Knowledge that he assimilates through reading zillions of books, watching tell or surfing the internet. He particularly loves science and space.

He has been undergoing formal Carnatic (Indian Classical) Music training from the age of 6. Currently, he’s tutoring under Mrs Radha Vasudevan. Krish leverages his good voice to sing and has sung in a few languages – English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada.

Krish also has formal training in piano and keyboard since he was three years old. He has held a few recitals and has now taken a break from formal training to focus on some of the other interests.

Since returning to India isΒ  2014, he has travelled 28 states in India, and over 100 cities on multiple road trips, exploring the culture and diversity.Β 

The ‘other interests’ that he has been involved off and on include theatre, painting, baking, badminton, karate, storytelling, magic and making various types of chai.

He loves encouragement and appreciation of his work as a young boy would and would love to hear from you.