Dear Kumaranites,

Good morning Kumaranites and teachers,

The last time I stood before you was to share my thoughts on the tragic Balasore train incident. Many of you approached me afterwards, expressing how it deeply resonated with you. Thank you! Today, I am here to seek your support as Vice Headboy.

For those who know me, I’m Krish Iyengar. And for those who don’t, I’m still Krish Iyengar. I understand some may question how I can represent you since I’m relatively new here, having joined just a year ago. However, being a newcomer is a strength. I bring a fresh perspective without biases, working beautifully with everyone. Oh, and I have a knack for ensuring no one discovers where the bodies are hidden.

On a serious note, I promise to be approachable to grades 6-8, helping you throughout your school journey. To my peers in grade 9, let’s make this year incredibly meaningful together. And to the seniors in grade 10, I’m eager to learn from your experiences and leave a lasting impact.

Some of you have seen glimpses of my leadership abilities in KMUN and in the REAP Benefit program last year.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you knew more about me? I’ve been practising Carnatic music for nine years. I also have formal training in playing the keyboard. I’m currently learning Arabic and Korean.

I’m hugely thankful for your suggestions when I came class-to-class yesterday. It helped me immensely to boil everything down β€˜into four main concerns.

  • 1 – canteen food,
  • 2 – bathroom cleanliness,
  • 3 – snack break being too short to run down to the field to eat, and
  • 4 – waiting in the hot sun for sports selections.

I will tirelessly search for solutions to make your concerns disappear forever – if you vote for me, like a mysteriously vanishing sock in the laundry.

Again, thank you, and remember – vote for Krish – Krish Iyengar as your Assistant Head Boy. Because you and I together will make that difference.

As the Koreans like to say, shigan neo juos yeo seo kamsa ham nida! Thank you for your time.

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